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McKesson’s Practice Partner® is a leading fully-integrated physician practice management and EMR software designed for a wide-range of specialties and sizes. Built to work for the physician, Practice Partner is a highly-configurable electronic medical records system allowing physicians and office staff to tailor the workflows, specifically the note-taking process, to their preferred style. Practice Partner is a flexible solution that can be implemented as a complete billing, scheduling and electronic medical records solution or implemented individually if you wish to keep your existing practice management system in place. McKesson’s Practice Partner will enable practices to enhance care quality and streamline workflows.

Additionally, the Practice Partner EMR solution has attracted an exceptionally knowledgeable community of users that share tips and tricks of the solution on a daily basis. Once utilizing the Practice Partner system, you are instantly connected to a community of users that will help you obtain your care quality and workflow goals.


McKesson’s Medisoft Clinical Features Bright Note Technology™

Bright Note Technology
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Practice Partner v9.5.2 is ANSI 5010 enabled to ensure your practice’s cash flow is not affected come the change in regulations on January 1, 2012. If running an older version of Practice Partner, be sure to upgrade today. Access our white paper for additional information on the new ANSI 5010 regulations.

View our ANSI 5010 Informational Guide.

ONC-ATCB Certified

Additionally, Practice Partner v9.5.2 is ONC-ATCB certified to enable practices to fulfill the stage 1 meaningful use requirements for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) incentives. Practice Partner users are already reaping the benefits of the stimulus dollars and have utilized Practice Partner to achieve stage 1 of meaningful use. Access our stimulus center for additional information on these incentives and how to apply.

McKesson is dedicated to strengthening the vitality of physician practices and delivering the latest technologies for improved patient care.

Currently utilized by more than 100,000 physician practices nationwide, McKesson’s EHR solutions are designed to enhance care quality and improve office efficiencies.

"Without an EHR system like Practice Partner combined with PPRNet, participating in a pay-for-performance program would be almost inconceivable."

Norma Martin, office manager

Bright Note Technology™

Practice Partner features Bright Note Technology™ which enables a physician to document a patient visit all from within one screen. The system automatically populates all relative areas of the patient chart when the note is complete.

These streamlined designs are unique to McKesson’s EHR solutions. They allow physicians to maintain their preferred note taking style and capture the data electronically for better access and documentation.

Quality Improvement Research Network

McKesson has more than 15 years of quality reporting experience through their partnership with the Practice Partner Research Network (PPRNet), a practice-based quality improvement and research network at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

The members are offered complimentary quarterly Practice Level Performance Reports to aid in practice quality improvement initiatives. PPRNet measures clinical performance in over 50 separate quality of care indicators. The reporting and extraction of data protects the confidentiality of patients and physicians and requires minimal time commitment for busy physicians.

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ONC-ATCB CertifiedThe healthcare regulatory environment is ever-changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest requirements and incentive programs.  McKesson is here to help.
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